1st Worthing Knights Online Blitz Tournament – 5th August 2020

Thank you to everyone who took part in the tournament.

It is the first time I have run a SWISS pairing tournament online. I have learnt a number of things which will be incorporated into the next event (Wed 26th August) and will also take on board feedback about time limits and time between rounds.

The event saw some very strong players going head to head and the result was in doubt until the last move of the last game.


1st Lilya Stewart, 5/6
2nd= Toby Appleton and Charlie Wannasin-Bell 4.5/6

The less experienced players did very well too and included a terrific performance from Eliza Blin who came back from a computer crash in round 1 to win 3 of her next 5 games.

Full results can be found at: https://lichess.org/swiss/gUOEQBkX

Feedback on the event, good and bad, is welcome.

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