I can deliver chess experiences in a variety of formats appropriate to age and experience. Below are the services most commonly requested, however, I can also work with you to design a bespoke service to best meet your individual needs. Contact me for an initial discussion of your requirements.

School Chess Clubs

  • For a small fee per child per session, I run these during the term time
  • Usually held at lunchtime or after school with 15 pupils or more
  • A typical session will see some coaching points made following by a game played under tournament conditions
  • Spare time is filled with friendly games, tips from the coach and the solving of chess puzzles

Worthing Knights Chess Club

  • This club is aimed at developing junior players such as those who have learnt the moves and want to improve
  • The aim is that members reach a standard ready for joining the senior Worthing Chess Club where they can compete against rated players
  • The session is divided equally between coaching and playing

Private Training

  • This is done on 1-to-1 basis for anyone looking to rapidly improve their standard
  • An alternative is to get together in a small group (say 4 or 5) to reduce the cost per head but ensure significant time for each individual
  • I can also review games that you have played and provide written feedback and tips on the moves played

Want to hold a tournament? I can run these for you end-to-end: entry forms, pairing cards, logging results, pairings for each round, provide the chess equipment, arbiting, etc.

Simultaneous Displays
If your school or club would like to challenge me, I am happy to take you on in a simultaneous display. This is where I play many opponents at the same time, moving rapidly from board to board to ensure a fun event

Holiday Clubs
These are a mixture of coaching, tournaments and fun