Chess Day 26th October 2017

The morning session started with some coaching and puzzles on the theme of checkmates; followed by practical studies of 4 different chess variants – giveaway chess, rook and pawn chess, 3-check chess, and chess 960.

The session ended with a very lively fun chess session featuring card chess and exchange chess.

The afternoon session was given over to a 6-round tournament with medals for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each of 3 sections.

Chess Variant Champions:

Emerson, Nicholas and Tom

Tournament Group 1:

1st= Alex and Ned

3rd= Ben M, Joshua and Quinn

Arbiters award – Konrad

Tournament Group 2:

1st – Nicholas

2nd – Zen

3rd=Aran, Danny B and Danny L

Arbiters award – Ben N, Christian and Henri

Tournament Group 3:

1st – Tom

2nd= Callum and Matthew

Arbiters award – James Z


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